2016-2017 Meeting Agenda

Meeting Location: St. Naum of Ohrid Church
1150 Stone Church Road (East of Upper Ottawa St.), Hamilton, Ontario
Registration: 7:00 pm     Meeting: 7:30 pm     Click here for Map and Directions

Wed., September 14th, 2016

Temporomandibular Joint Rehabilitation
Speaker: Cheryl White

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are common and can affect a variety of individuals. Patients suffering from TMJ disorders generally seek medical advice first from their dentist and/or dental hygienist. The length of time spent with a dental hygienist is much more than with dentists, so there is higher opportunity of observing or discussing TMJ issues with patients. Proper recognition and management knowledge of TMJ disorders by dental hygienists can lead to increased resolution of TMJ disorders and improved patient care.

This presentation will:

  • Review the anatomy and biomechanics of a healthy TMJ
  • Discuss various TMJ dysfunctions, and the biomechanics behind clicking and locking of the jaw
  • Discuss the typical presentation of a patient suffering from TMJ dysfunction
  • Discuss the in-clinic assessment which can be performed by the dental hygienist to determine if TMJ dysfunction is present
  • Discuss the role of physiotherapy in TMJ treatment, and what TMJ rehabilitation entails, including when a referral to a physiotherapist is appropriate
  • Review the patient education component, and the role dental hygienists can have with this aspect of TMJ rehabilitation

At the end of the session:

  • Participants will gain an increased understanding of TMJ biomechanics and TMJ dysfunction
  • Be able to identify TMJ dysfunction in a clinical setting
  • e able to provide patient education around TMJ dysfunction and early management
  • Recognize when a referral to physiotherapy for TMJ rehabilitation is appropriate

Proposed Speaker:

Ms. Cheryl Wylie is a member in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. She graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2007 with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and McMaster University in 2010 with a Master of Science degree in Physiotherapy. She has completed post-graduate education in the following areas: Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation, Acquired Brain Injury and Concussion Rehabilitation, Mulligan Concept, and Therapeutic Taping. She has completed Manual Therapy courses from the Orthopaedic Division of the CPA Level 1 and 2 Upper Extremity and Part 1 and Part 2 from the Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI). Ms. Wylie is also a Clinical Preceptor with the McMaster School of Rehabilitation Sciences since 2012. She has experience as a Research Coordinator with the Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Department at McMaster University, conducting clinic based research projects and FDA studies. Ms. Wylie's clinical practice in physiotherapy has focused on Acquired Brain Injury rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, and complex orthopaedic rehabilitation.

Thu. October 20th, 2016

ERGONOMICS & The Dental Hygienists
Speaker: Dr. Samuel Howarth

An astounding 63% to 93% of dental hygienists report a work-related musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) in a given year. Moreover, MSDs are often the reason that dental hygienists either leave the profession, or change their working schedules. From an outsider's perspective, dental hygiene may not appear to be a physically demanding occupation; however, long durations of adopting awkward postures, and repetitive fine movements are just a few of the ergonomic risk factors to which dental hygienists are exposed on a daily basis.

This presentation will provide a general overview of ergonomic risk factors for MSDs. Specific risk factors for dental hygienists will be discussed using evidence from my recent scientific research. Finally, information related to ergonomic aids (e.g. seating, loupes) and solutions to mitigate some of the harmful effects from these risk factors will also be provided.

Dr. Samuel Howarth is an Associate Professor, and the McMorland Family Research Chair in Mechanobiology at the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. His research focuses on ergonomics, mechanisms of injury, and the biomechanics of rehabilitation. Recently, Dr. Howarth and his team completed a project, funded by the Ontario Ministry of Labour, that evaluated the physical demands of a dental hygienist's activities.

Mon. November 14th, 2016

Winning the battle on biofilm
Speaker: Anna Louise Tolan RDH, FADIA

Discover the current science on biofilm management. Airflow debridement is a cutting edge comprehensive biofilm management modalities aimed to dismantle biofilm communities. New and innovative treatments protocols have been shown to be effective in the eradication of biofilm while conserving tooth structure.


  1. Understand the basics of biofilm and it's management.
  2. Connect the role of airflow debridement to successful biofilm management.
  3. Differentiate between supragingival and subgingival removal technology.
  4. Identify steps to integrate airflow debridement into clinical protocols.

Anna Louise is rejuvenating and igniting the passion amongst her colleagues. Her enthusiasm for the dental hygiene profession is infectious.

Anna Louise celebrates 30 years of clinical practice in dental hygiene; specializing in periodontal therapy and medically compromised clients. She is a well-recognized presenter who has over 2 decades of experience facilitating lectures and hands-on learning for the dental industry, CDHA, ODHA, and rdhu.

Developing your skills in the areas of Assessment, Communication, and Treatment Planning will bring you increased success in the treatment of periodontal disease for your clients. As we assess our own opportunity areas as clinicians and client educators, our quest for knowledge keeps us researching for programs that will assist us in elevating skills. This event is designed to assist you in enhancing your abilities to analyze tissue, while engaging your passion. Clients will experience your increased level of confidence and commitment to their oral health, while you experience a loyal growing client base and personal growth in passion for our profession!

Learing Objective:

  • An increased awareness and understanding of the value of applying a systematic reproducible sequence in order to attain a thorough assessment resulting in better client care
  • The ability to analyze tissue and recognize the value of shape, consistency, texture, colours, size, and bleeding and the relationship to debridement required
  • Increased ability to co-discuss and co-discover our client indications of treatment required and treatment plan acceptance
Thurs. December 1st, 2016 Christmas Social - $60.00
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Sat. January 21st 2017

CPR Certification
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Pre-registration is required on the “Contact Us” web-site page. Cost: $50.00.

Thurs. February 23rd, 2017

TOPIC: "Crohn's and Colitis & Oral Complications"

Speaker: Penny Weir

Penny started working with Crohn's and Colitis Canada as the Development Coordinator for Southwestern Ontario in April 2011. She works with the incredible chapters from Halton to Windsor on education, patient services, and fundraising initiatives. Penny was diagnosed with Crohn's disease in the Fall of 1996 at the age of 13 after several years of experiencing symptoms. Since her diagnosis, Penny's journey living with an inflammatory bowel disease led her to experience flare-ups, treatment decision-making, and learning how to live with Crohn's disease in her professional and personal life. As a new mother and strong advocate, she is passionate about the work being funded at Crohn's and Colitis Canada and determined to be part of the generation who finds the cure.

Penny will share with us the work being done by Crohn's and Colitis Canada along with the patient services they offer and research they fund. As well, Penny will share some of her personal journey with Crohn's disease. Last, Penny will talk about health issues outside the gut that are connected to IBD including mouth sores and oral complications.

Mon., March 20th, 2017

Smoking Cessation and The Effects on Oral Hygiene

Speaker: Philip Hosiassohn, Registered Pharmacist with the Ontario College of Pharmacist

Graduated in South Africa in 1979 and practised in South Africa until 1999, then moved to Canada.

Also a graduate of Information Technology specializing in system analysis and design with an honours Degree in Information Technology from the University of Cape Town.

The practise of Pharmacy in Canada commenced in Hamilton at Day Nite Pharmacy in 2001 and was subsequently acquired by the Rexall Group of Pharmacy.

Philip has been practising at the 930 Upper Paradise location for the past 16 years.

My special interests in the pharmacy practise include pain management, diabetic care and smoking cessation programs. In addition to these programs, have an active interest and dispense speciality compounded medications.

Have had specialized training and continuing educational sessions on Smoking Cessation for patients would endeavour to quit, as well as the effects of smoking in patients with various disease states and medication interactions.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

APRIL 8-14, 2017

Saturday, April 8, 2017

H&DDHS Continuing Education

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