H&DDHS Executive Board: Benefits and Role Responsibilities

H&DDHS Executive Board:Benefits and Role Responsibilities

Benefits and Role Responsibilities

Becoming a member of the Executive Board for the H&DDHS is an experience we would encourage members to explore. Actively participating in your Hygiene Society group and taking on a leadership role even for a year or two is a valuable experience, and will help you grow both personally and professionally! It gives you the opportunity to take part in the planning process of your continuing education and also offers you the benefit of FREE society membership.

H&DDHS Executive Positions require a commitment to attend all executive planning meetings, which generally include three a year. (No meetings in the summer) It is also required that the Executive attend the monthly meetings and arrive half hour prior to start of meeting to assist with the setting up of the registration table and handouts. The following is a general description of the responsibilities of all members, which is followed by individual position/role responsibilities.

All executive members take part in discussions/brainstorming /planning of, and make collective agreements with regards to:

  • Decisions regarding which organizations the H&DDHS will sponsor for the current fiscal year
  • Topics for the next fiscal years meetings
  • Guest speakers who will present lectures. This involves a collective effort to plan and help arrange a guest speaker for the topics that are chosen.

Executive members include: President, Past President, Volunteer Support and Treasurer.


Responsible for overseeing the rest of the Executive and making sure everyone knows what they are doing and doing it!

  • Making announcements at monthly meetings with regards to Continuing Ed
  • Introducing speaker at monthly meetings and Continuing Ed. event.
  • Thanking speaker at end of meetings and Continuing Ed event
  • Helping out where needed at monthly meetings and for Continuing Ed event
  • Ensure all speakers are confirmed (You must personally call the speaker)
  • Verify equipment requirements for the speaker
  • Help prepare hall/foyer to receive member night of lecture
  • Confirm what AV aids are needed for each meeting and Continuing ED Day
  • Bring AV equipment to meetings
  • AV set up prior to beginning of meeting
  • Ensure necessary cables, attachments, bulbs, and batteries are available for proper running of equipment
  • Ensure equipment is in proper working order on an ongoing basis
  • Summarize information for additions to the website.
  • Communicate with and work in collaboration with Allegra (our website designer) in regards to updating the website with the latest information.
  • Send out reminder e-mails to the H&DDHS members regarding upcoming meetings, CPR courses and other events.
  • E-mail Holiday Wishes.

Volunteer Support

  • Participate in Executive meetings and assist with providing ideas/brainstorming
  • Assist at monthly Hygiene meetings


  • Process yearly registration mail-ins (busiest Aug-Sept-Oct timeframe as start of new membership year)
  • Provide receipts for yearly membership, and at each lecture for non-members attendance, and at all events (done by hand)
  • Bring all member receipts, organized alphabetically, for distribution at meetings (not mailed out-must be picked up at meetings)
  • Prepare deposit entries and make necessary bank deposits for yearly membership (busiest Aug-Sep-Oct), and after every meeting or event (i.e. Cont. Education)
  • Write cheques to vendors (Two signatures required – President and treasurer) for catering, hall rental, speaker fees, photocopying, miscellaneous expenses.
  • Record all transactions in QuickBooks (every expense, all income, and member and vendor information)
  • Keep a separate excel spreadsheet of current year membership (early birds and regular members) /continuing education registrants/CPR registrants (QuickBooks has historically all members for all years)
  • Provide membership list at each meeting for registration purposes
  • Provide continuing education sheets and registration forms at each meeting
  • Provide a thank you card for the speaker(s) – (Audrey usually gets a bottle of wine or small gift for as well)
  • Have a petty cash float of small bills at each meeting in order to make change
  • Reconcile bank statements monthly (most meaningful at the end of the membership year, once all cheques have been cleared and transactions are completed as QuickBooks and bank statement will balance)
  • Provide financial statements to executive to show profit/loss of events (Continuing. Ed/CPR/membership year etc.)
  • Reorder forms as required
  • Deliver or mail Christmas donations with an accompanying letter and cheque (Charities to be decided by executive) When requested, mail cheque and accompanying letter to a designated charity (determined by those speakers wishing to wave their lecture fee and donate it towards an organization of their choosing)
  • File all invoices, bank statements, receipt registers, H&DDHS letter correspondence, etc. in a yearly binder
  • Compile all member registrations which have filled in the “requested topics for future meetings” or the “interested in a portfolio workshop” section of the registration form for executive consideration
  • Close out the year in QuickBooks and provide year end statement