Dear Members,

A warm welcome to all the new and returning members for 2021.

I do hope you and your loved ones continue to be healthy and safe during this pandemic.

Your HDDHS Executive continues to work diligently to serve the HDDHS members during this unprecedented time in our professional lives.  We will continue to provide 2021 lecture series with online presentations through ZOOM.

2021 has changed everything, from work to social aspects of daily living. Dentistry has seen some profound changes as well.  It seems that we, as dental hygienists, are inundated with information from all different sources. H&DDHS members are part of a society of like- minded individuals who meet once a month for organized lectures. Our members attend meetings to stay up to date on the latest ideas, technologies, and practices in dental and oral health. This knowledge as Oral Health Care Professionals allows us to treat our patients to the best of our ability, as well as aids in formulating goals for our professional portfolio.

We would like to open every meeting to your co-workers. Invite a friend, invite your Boss. The information presented at all of the lectures is pertinent information for all team members.


Yearly Donations

Mary’s Place – $250.00

As always, the Executive committee works hard to provide a variety of topics that can be used to support your portfolio requirements.

If anyone is interested in holding a position on the executive committee please contact us. We would like a couple of volunteers to help out at each meeting.

Our Executive Members are:

Carol Wells: President
Audrey Kenny: Vice President and Treasurer
Linda Silvert: Volunteer Support