2021 Meeting Agenda

We have an exceptional opportunity for members to attend three virtual educational events in 2021-22!

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A Triumph:
New Age Treatment Guidelines for Periodontitis and Peri-implant Disease

The first evidence-based treatment guidelines for treating Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases, based on the Classifications of Periodontal and Peri-implant Diseases and Conditions, have been published. We will investigate these treatment guidelines to analyze and ultimately apply them to our practice.
The first two sessions will examine the recommended four-step approach to the new age of periodontal therapy published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. The first step is creating a person-centered care approach involving lifestyle and the reduction of inflammation. The second step empowers the dental hygienist to perform non-surgical periodontal therapy and consider adjunctive therapies. Step three evaluates the case and considers complex treatment that may involve periodontal surgery. The final step creates a plan to promote long term supportive care and provide advice for a healthy lifestyle, including self-care and regular checkups to prevent relapse.

The third session takes an in-depth look at the World Dental Federation’s consensus report on the “Diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of peri-implant diseases and maintenance care of patients with dental implants.” This paper is based on
the Classifications of Peri-implant Disease and Conditions and was published in
the International Dental Journal last year. This information will be critical to your dental hygiene practice.
Both papers rely heavily on non-surgical treatment and customized selection of self-care aids and products. The updated treatment guidelines presented during these sessions are excellent news for the profession of dental hygiene!

Learning objectives

Sessions 1 & 2

  • Recognize and classify periodontal disease
  • Incorporate the evidence-based guidelines for Periodontitis Stages I-III into your practice
  • Empower your client with the latest research on self-care products and technology
  • Learn the expectations of non-surgical treatment of periodontitis
  • Create supportive therapy programs involving the most effective treatment modalities backed by science

Session 3

  • Identify, classify and implement maintenance and non-surgical therapy of peri-implant disease
  • Implement individualized self-care programs including neutral pH products and oral healthcare apps to prevent inflammation and disease
  • Commit to attending this virtual event that will provide 6 hours of continuing education, handout, layered learning, and prize opportunities.

Part #1
Monday November 22nd 7 pm

Part #2
Thursday February 3rd 7 pm

Part #3
Monday March 28th 7 pm

The sessions will not be recorded
If members would like to attend and cannot, Anna Louise Tolan will try to find a meeting that works with a different date and society.
All attendees receive a certificate and a handout within 10 days after the session.


Anna Louise is a well-recognized master clinician and passionate educator that loves to pump up the profession. She shares the latest science, evidence-based techniques, and expertise to enhance our practice. Her goal is to energize and empower Dental Hygienists to optimize the delivery of person-centred care of our clients!


Date: February 5th, 2022

All participants need to be vaccinated

Cost $55.
New standards will include written test,  recertifications are exactly within 1 year.
The new manual can be purchased online at the Heart & Stroke Foundation site.

Maximum participants 6