2020 Meeting Agenda

Tuesday February 23, 2021

Intro to Dental Sleep Medicine
Speaker: Dr. John Viviano DDS D ABDSM

Time:  Sign in Registration 7:15 pm

Lecture starts 7:30

Learn the basics of managing Snoring and Sleep Apnea, current treatment options, and exactly WHY, you need to become involved (for the sake of your patients). Bonus: Learn the implications of managing Sleep Apnea in a COVID Pandemic.

BIO: Dr. John Viviano DDS D ABDSM

Dr. Viviano obtained his credentials from the University of Toronto in 1983. His clinic is limited to managing sleep-disordered breathing and sleep-related bruxism. He is a Credentialed Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and has lectured internationally, conducted original research, and authored original articles on the management of sleep-disordered breathing. His clinic is the first Canadian facility accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine and he is Clinical Director of the Sleep Disorders Dentistry Research and Learning Centre. Dr. Viviano also hosts the SleepDisordersDentistry LinkedIn Discussion Group, conducts dental sleep medicine CE programs for various levels of experience, including a 4-day mini residency and administers the SDDacademy.com Online Learning Platform. He can be reached at (905) 212-7732, John@DrViviano.com  or via website sleepdisordersdentistry.com.

Monday March 22nd, 2021

Personal Infection Control: Obligate Nasal Breathing for Health and Performance – Practice Limited to Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Breathing Retraining

Speaker: Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH

Time:  Sign in Registration 7:15 pm

Lecture starts 7:30

Obligate Nasal Breathing (ONB) is one of those terms that seems to be coming up more and more. 

What you may not know how important ONB is to improvements in athletics performance, improvements in school performance, blood pressure regulation, carries management, or how important ONB is your own personal infection control regime. In this course you’ll learn about the 1992 Molecule of the Year: Nitric Oxide and how it plays a role in overall health, particularly infection control. What is standing in the way of ONB and how you can identify problems for timely referrals. You’ll explore techniques that improve breathing nearly immediately, and safe drug free solutions that increase sinus volume.

As we travel through the craniofacial respiratory complex, you’ll start to remember how the muscles in the snoring complex work, and how the mouth is an escape hatch for breathing. Orofacial myofunctional disorders will become obvious leading to earlier and earlier treatment.

Course objectives:

  • Recall the functions of the muscles in the craniofacial respiratory complex
  • Paraphrase the physiology of respiration
  • Recognize how ONB reduces risk of infection
  • Illustrate how orofacial myofunctional disorders are an outcome of poor breathing and how poor breathing creates OMD.

BIO Shirley Gutkowski, RDH, BSDH

Shirley graduated in 1986 from her dental hygiene program with five small children. She was suddenly in a situation where her knowledge base was put aside to practice dental hygiene with a dental outcome, not an overall health outcome. 

She has authored three books for dental hygienists and is an international speaker. Today she is the owner of Primal Air, OMT and Breathing Retraining a practice where she and four other therapists treat disorders of the orofacial respiratory complex.

Wednesday April 21st, 2021

 Evidence-based Decision making: How to Support Better Health Outcomes

Speaker: Neli Gontier

Time:  Sign in Registration 7:15 pm

Lecture starts 7:30

BIO: Neli Gontier 

Evidence-based decision-making (EBDM) has been a guiding light in the informed treatment and management of patient health.  It is defined as a treatment approach that judiciously integrates an oral heathcare worker’s clinical expertise with the systematic assessments of current scientific evidence, the patient’s oral and medical health history, and their individual needs, values and personal preferences.  It is a quality determinant of planning and implementation of oral health interventions.

This program looks at clinical decision-making, EBDM processes and the relationship to ADPIE, the hierarchy of evidence and the need for critical thinking and reflection.  It provides participants with guidelines for implementing EBDM into their standards of practice so patient treatment and interventions are more likely to result in the desired oral and systemic health outcomes.

In her roles as a clinician, adult educator, instructional designer and training facilitator – Neli Gontier has treated countless patients, produced and delivered numerous in-person and online professional development programs and written several books on care-giving, accessibility and neurological diseases.  She encourages life-long learning, and continues to facilitate professional development as a Certified Training Specialist and Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for several national/international organizations.  She strives to motivate healthcare professionals to continually improve their practice standards.